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Intuitive Art- the process


My past life was as a Mental Health Nurse before working as an artist and tutor.

I often used art naturally as a form of expression and fun with patients, as it was my main interest. I noted the increase in well being that could result from using creativity, to relax, soothe and enhance confidence among other things. 

After years of my own painting, learning new methods at night school, experimenting with different media for my own art practice, I wanted to run workshops to enable everyone who wanted to use paint, to do the same.

People kept telling me during my first workshops that a negative experience doing art at school, usually a comment from the teacher, had put them off for life. They subsequently repressed any creative outlet with paint. This became more common and so I addressed that to attract people back into the wonderful world of potential opportunity for art making through risk and empowerment.

What are the workshops? 

There are five "Intuitive Art-Freedom to Paint" workshops, all are built on the techniques of using acrylic paint and household items, like large paint brushes, rollers, with various mixed media and mark making items combined with a relaxed and fun approach. I demonstrate all techniques and give individual guidance in the groups so learners can develop tangible skills, to embrace a healthy "at your own pace" approach to creating that is achievable and fun. They are for beginners and more experienced artists to loosen up and try new ways of working. Please see workshops page

Artist residencies; 

Every couple of years or so, I like to travel somewhere to push me further as an artist. Wales, Iceland and Australia  were wonderful experiences painting, with a huge variety of landscape bold but elusive mountains, deserts, seas and weather changes that enable me to embrace a freer approach and keep learning.

Current training;

Post Graduate Diploma in Art with Art Pocket.

Other Information;

Donations from sold work to The Peoples Picnic who provide hot meals for the homeless in Norwich two evenings a week.





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    Melinda Oct 31, 2015

    Hi lovely lady its Mel from Haddenham Gallery - I need to up date our records - whats your new address and contact details & email if possible please - hope all is well

    Many thanks, take care

    melinda xxxxxxx