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Intuitive Art- Freedom to paint is my course that celebrates experimentation and loosening up in order to create more freely.

I teach the techniques with acrylic paint that I use in my own painting with demonstrations, we also look at what makes a good painting, and step by step instruction. The techniques are based on abstract art expression that help convey mood, feeling and explores the potential of the accidental, the surprising and the "mistakes" made on canvas that can free us up to be bolder with achieving our end results

The workshops cater for between 6 - 12 people depending on space and to keep the atmosphere casual, intimate, friendly and relaxed and to allow people as much input from myself as they need. I also teach "Mixed media and Intuitive art" and "Abstracted landscapes and Intuitive Art

 I run workshops for Art and mental wellbeing groups ie Mind and Cambridge Regional College for Cambridge Community Arts

 Please contact The Art Trading company directly for more information of workshops run in Bungay

I mentor workshops for art groups and will travel to your group.

WANT ME TO RUN A COURSE NEAR YOU? Find me a venue, and between 7-8 paying people and you can do the workshop for free.

For more details, and prices  please contact me. 

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  1. Amy Fitzgerald avatar
    Amy Fitzgerald Nov 5, 2014

    Natasha’s “Intuitive Painting” workshop was a really fun and inspiring day. Natasha demonstrated a lot of great techniques to get interesting effects in abstract painting and we spent many a fun hour exploring those techniques for ourselves, with everyone in the group coming up with very uniquely beautiful paintings. If you want to free yourself up a bit and have some fun with painting, then I would highly recommend this course. It was a fabulous day and I left on a real high.

  2. Brenda May avatar
    Brenda May Nov 14, 2014

    Please let me know about your 2015 workshops in Ely. Loved your demo this evening.

  3. Brenda May avatar
    Brenda May Nov 14, 2014

    Please let me know about your 2015 workshops in Ely. Loved your demo this evening.

  4. Natasha  Day avatar
    Natasha Day Nov 14, 2014

    Dear Brenda, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I will definately send you the Ely dates next week and look forward to seeing you again.

  5. Tim avatar
    Tim Nov 30, 2016

    Never in a million years would I have imagined so enjoying such a well planned art workshop in my kitchen!! As total beginners, you guided us through our first stages and made the whole thing such fun. Fortunately there seems to be no ‘rules’ or ‘rights and wrongs’ to restrict the flow. Making it so easy to get lost in time and place! It’s a big thank you from me, for a brief but interesting escape into your world!

  6. Natasha  Day avatar
    Natasha Day Jan 11, 2017

    Delighted Tim, I enjoyed the day immensely also. Thank you for your inspiring comments.

  7. Mrs Angela Donnelly avatar
    Mrs Angela Donnelly Apr 6, 2017

    Thank you Natasha for an exciting and thought provoking day at the Monday Studio in Comberton. The group really enjoyed the medium and everyone felt they had stretched themselves out of their comfort zone and we had some fun while painting. Great day and we were all buzzing when we left.

  8. Natasha  Day avatar
    Natasha Day Apr 6, 2017

    Thank you so much Angela for your lovely comments, a very enjoyable day.